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Shave It

Man shaving face

Save It

Image by Daniel Bernard

The Participants

Jim Fox

Honesdale, PA

Charity: Dessin Animal Shelter

Why: They have their hands pretty full and could use the help!

Brian Goldman 300x300.jpg

Brian Goldman

Hawley, PA

Charity: Huntington’s Disease Foundation 

Why: I suffer from Huntington Chorea.

stephen moulton 300x300.jpg

Stephen Moulton

Honesdale, PA

Charity: Himalayan Institute

Why: I believe in what the Himalayan Institute is offering to all those interested in learning.

Andrew Murphy_300x300.jpg

Andrew Murphy 
Cherry Ridge, PA 
Charity: Dessin Animal Shelter 
Why: They do good work there.

Adam Owens_300x300.jpg

Adam Owens
Damascus, PA 
This seemed like a really fun way to raise money for non-profits and I'm excited to help raise money for the funds these guys have chosen.  Plus if I have to shave my beard, it'll grow back in about 15 minutes.

Jim Shook+300x300.jpg

James Shook

Hawley, PA

Charity: Lake Region Community

Dock Foundation

Why: It's a charity that my family and I started in 2007 to help families in need in our community.

tim sloan 300x300.jpg

Tim Sloan

Honesdale, PA

Charity: Reach Out WorldWide (

Why: For numerous reasons but I've always believed in helping those in need and as an organization that helps communities all around the world following natural disasters I believe this is a nonprofit worthy of supporting.

Jason vogel 300x300.jpg

Jason Vogel

Hawley, PA

Charity: HFR Race for Autism

Why: I have an autistic niece and nephew. Along with being involved in motorsports for years and friends with Stewart and Jessica Friesen.

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